What is Javascript?

JavaScript is a client side language that runs on client machine. It is the most popular scripting language and runs on almost all major browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. JavaScript is usually embedded directly into HTML pages. JavaScript is an interpreted language (means doesn’t require compilation). It is easy to learn and powerful. Everyone can use JavaScript without purchasing a license.

jQuery is great library of the JavaScript language. It helps programmers to keep the code neat and clean and at the same time there is no effect on performance. The jQuery library is designed to keep things very concise and reusable. jQuery is a great library for developing ajax based application also.JQuery is used to handle effects and animation. You can use jQuery to handle events and add the ajax support into your web applications with ease.

Overview of the JavaScript
  • Introduction of different Web Technology
  • What is Asp.Net
  • How Asp.Net Works
  • Use of visual studio
  • Different Languages used in Asp.Net
  • Summary
JavaScript Syllabus Covered
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JS Array/String/RegExp
  • Boolean/Date/Math/Number/Global
  • Summary
  • JS Boolean
  • Core DOM Objects
  • Form Validation
JQuery Syllabus Covered
  • jQuery Syntax
  • jQuery Selectors/ Events/ Effects
  • jQuery Callback
  • Summary
  • jQuery HTML/CSS/ AJAX
  • jQuery Misc
  • jQuery Reference
FTP Management
  • Understanding FTP
  • Setting up FTP Server (Live)
  • Summary
  • Uploading and downloading FTP contents
Live Project
  • Preparing site in jquery
  • Hosting on Live Server
  • Summary